Lost Girl: Faetal Attraction

I once was lost, but now am found, still searching for the rest of my self.

Imagine waking up next to your first love to find him dead, not knowing what happened to him. Or any one you make love to for that matter… Oops

Meet Bo, a girl searching for answers as to what she is and who her real parents are. Bo is a succubus, a female supernatural being that can entrance people with a caress, through a kiss steal people’s life-force and through intercourse can feed from sexual energy and heal. She has chosen not to choose a side but to live neutral between Light; a mixed supernatural clan lead by the Ash, more peaceful and respectful of humans, and Dark; a mixed supernatural clan lead by the Morrigan, not necessarily evil but certainly not nice, rule breakers who love to toy and manipulate humans, Fae.
“ It’s kind of tough growing up thinking you might have a shot at being prom queen and then find out that you’re part of some ageless secret race that feeds on humans.”
Now filming its fifth season, Lost Girl, has captured audiences across Canada and abroad, delving in its atmosphere from mystical to physiological to psychological and beyond. It is a Canadian show with Canadian actors; as well as the soundtrack in each episode features mainly indie artists, many Canadian. Rated 18 A for its many sexual scenes, and violence, many fans of all ages have been tuning into this supernatural drama mystery crime.

Bo (Anna Silk), with the help of her human doctor/scientist girlfriend, Lauren (Zoie Palmer), who works for the Light Fae, previously owned by the Ash, learn to control her powers. “ The last two nights you’ve woke up screaming. Is committing to me that terrible?”
Kenzie (Ksenia Solo) is Bo’s human bestie and sidekick who created a detective agency to help humans and Fae with “strange” problems. Kenzie is also a main source of the comic relief, “You can freaking control people by touch and not in a creepy hand job way. That is awesome!”
Bo: Nice decor. Early Tolkien?
Trick: Where do you think he got it from?
The series’ creatures are taken straight from real folklore and legends, from all types of cultures. You never know what might pop up in a future episode. Youth can relate to the characters as each has their own story of struggles, including love, loss and some kick ass fighting on the side. The sexuality in the show is really natural and raw, especially with our succubus Bo being bi-sexual with a lesbian human girlfriend.
Through the cases that Bo and Kenzie take, Bo learns more about her past as she battles with creatures of the Fae world. She finds herself changing once again as things begin to get serious fast.
If this cast of characters peek an intrigue, then catch Lost Girl on Showcase or Syfy.
Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried): A shape-shifter wolf in the Fae world and a police detective in the human world. He is strong, several hundred years old, a member of the Light Fae, has an acute sense of smell and was Bo’s first Fae romantic encounter, with whom he is still in love with.
Fitzpatrick “Trick” McCorrigan (Rick Howland): Once known as the Blood King, he is a very powerful Blood Sage, with the ability to alter fate, which has consequences. He is the owner and bartender of the only Fae pub in town, The Dal Ritata, which serves as neutral ground where Dark and Light Fae declare themselves and may freely go.
Hale Santiago (K.C. Collins): A siren, able to pacify, control, and kill humans and Fae; cure pain and heal wounds, through his song which he whistles. Was Dyson’s colleague as an undercover agent in the police force, now the Ash, the leader of the Light Fae.
Evony Florette Marquis, The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier): The Morrigan is a leanan sidhe, leader of the Dark Fae and steals the talent of young musicians and artists whom she represents through her talent agency in the human world.
Vex (Paul Amos): As a Mesmer, he controls people’s actions against their will, which suits him as Dark Fae. Vex is immature, with a childish personality by using his powers for amusement.
The Norn (Kate Trotter): An Ancient, linked to an ancient tree, who adores trickery and demands a high price for her favours. She is able to grant one’s strongest desire in exchange for what he or she holds dearest.
Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) : A Valkyrie, Dark Fae, who shows her true face, resembling a skull, while intimidating someone into doubting themselves, which causes the victim to second guess themselves until the spell wears off. She also has the power to awaken people in comatose state and kill them through her will, the victim experiences great pain and wishes for death. Tamsin is Dyson’s new police partner, unexcited to be forced to work with Light Fae.



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