Mother May I?

Today Is Mother’s Day, plain and simple. It doesn’t have to be some giant elaborate party or occasion. Just celebrating our mothers no matter how much we may detest them.

I spent this Mother’s Day as I do every Sunday morning, (when I don’t have to work that early…) having coffee at McDonald’s with my mother and her two friends. One of them was unable to come but she was with her family. The other has no children( unless you count her fish or numerous animals she’s had over the years) and her mother passed away a while ago.

I gave my mother a card, always a humorous one, since her and I don’t see eye to eye much and it always seems to suit her, and I stuck a $5 scratch ticket in along with a $5 bill. She loved it and ended up winning $15 on the scratch ticket.

They have Mother’s Day cards for friends as well, I had an extra card and it suited the occasion so I gave my mom’s friend a card as well as one of my filled coffee cards for a free coffee. Even though not everyone is a mother, they deserve a little praise just the same. She loved it, was quite surprised and gave me a hug.

Although I did have to go to work shortly after coffee, I had a pretty good shift. It was a customer who was passing through my lane when I started my shift, who made my entire day! He said I looked like I’d rather be at home with my feet up drinking tea. Apparently I look like a tea drinker! I liked that comment. But it was the joke he told me, which is completely true, that really made my day.

What is the difference between a cashier and a toilet seat? A toilet seat only has to deal with one ass at a time.

And I ended up not dealing with any today.. 😛

Before work I asked my mom what she would like for dinner, as I had planned on taking her out. When I got off work she asked me what I would rather have, chinese from the grocery store near our house or A&W. I said it was her choice but she said of the two I could pick. I picked up chinese while she was cashing in her winning scratch ticket.

So we spent this Mother’s Day watching Mrs. Doubtfire on TV and eating chinese food. Nothing fancy just quality time, no fuss or fights.

Some people have big meals together, some have a tradition of putting flowers on loved ones graves, some just spend time together.

All I know is is that a lot of mothers will be getting flowers, as they are a big seller on this holiday. I guess a lot of mothers like them. If my mom liked flowers that much , I think I would have followed suit. But it’s always good to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Since I have two good friends with kids I got them Mother’s Day cards as well, it makes them feel good to be appreciated from people other than their kids on their special day. I also have a card for a friend’s mom who has welcomed me into their home and made some amazing home cooked meals and certainly deserves a thank you.

Mother May I wish you and other Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day?


2 thoughts on “Mother May I?

  1. WOW Kristy, you are an awesome gal. This is the best of any Mother’s Day tributes that a person could wish for. Although we don’t hear much from you chatting, at coffee, I just knew that you are a true and awesome young lady! Big hugs to you, I am sure you make your Mother very proud!


  2. A loving tribute indeed 🙂 My mother also had an excellent Mother’s Day, I’m glad to hear yours had a decent one too!


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