Epic Evening of Music: Two Shows, My First Feed

Saturday October 25, 2014 @ 6:10 a.m.

I’m currently running on 3 1/2 hours sleep, still buzzing from last evening’s musical festivities in which my friend and I partook.

As I look outside at the dark gloomy downpour from inside the Starbucks with my tall Skinny Vanilla Latte (as I’m writing this) I cannot get over how worth the lack of sleep last night’s events were.

Just after 9 p.m., my friend and I caught a few songs at an all ages rock show, at Nanaimo Centre Stage, The Body Politic, for their cd release.

Being an all ages show, there were a lot of younger fans in the crowd, definitely acting their age, but nevertheless enjoying the music and rockin’ out.

Lead singer, Sam, with his upbeat personality, can really push a crowd to get them going. Consistently reminding them that, hey it’s the cd release show, so check out their new album, so you can sing along with the lyrics.

The Body Politic give great energy to their shows, presenting a powerful performance which stems from the hard work put into their music. They may not have all the fancy pyrotechnics, but a simple designed light show helped to highlight these heavy metal local dudes.

Their new album, Egressor, is a fine piece of work; an unimaginable amount of dedication and hours were put into it. The first track,Vitam Agere, in my opinion, should be part of a film score or soundtrack, it sets the perfect mood for something dark. But then you unexpectedly get punched in the face with the next track, Armature, which has a blend of soft vocals and deep growls. Performed live, The Body Politic definitely knows how to feed off of and give back to an audience.

The Body Politic is: Sam Britton (Vocals), Matt Aasen (Guitar), Dan Montgomery (Guitar), Rob Wilkinson (Keyboard), Jesse Janzen (Bass), and Spencer Bowman (Drums)

**  http://thebodypolitic.bandcamp.com/

My friend and I left shortly after the fourth tune, as to get over to The Queens, where the highlight of the night was yet to come.

A few months ago, we were taking a walk downtown and seen the poster, he got excited and well…


We went from an all ages Metal show to a bar full of drunkin’ dancing crazy people to see a Ska show.T’was my first real introduction into the world of Ska.

We entered The Queens to catch the end of local and first openers’ set, Dope Soda.They were pretty Dope, I’m not going to lie.

“The band is led by a three-piece horn section with roots in the highly-regarded Vancouver Island University Jazz Department, buoyed by a funky rhythm section that serves up sips of ubblingHammonds and Wurlitzers, shots of distorted guitar, and heavy bass–in your face.” – http://dopesoda.com/

A ton of energy in that bar and I gotta say, you don’t have to be a drunkin’ … to enjoy an amazing Ska show. I had people dancing into me, falling over me, stepping on me etc etc. I had to keep a straight face and my fist in my pocket. But seriously, I had a smile on my face just soaking up the awesomeness that is Ska.

The entire evening was put on by the Victoria Ska Society ( I learned something new).

Great thing about Ska, you get the reggae influence and horns such as trumpet, trombone and don’t forget the saxophone along with fast guitar and don’t forget the keys.

Next up, Sammy Kay and the Fast Four, from New York, touring with The Slackers. They were pretty tight. All guitars, keys and drums, no one said there HAD to be horns. I was really diggin’ their sound. Vic Ruggiero, of The Slackers, joined in for a couple of tunes.

** https://www.facebook.com/sammykayandthefastfour/

Then, finally, the awaited; The Slackers. Nanaimo, eh? Came all the way from Brooklyn, New York to play in our tiny town, I’LL TAKE IT!

Very grateful and privileged to have seen such an amazing talent. Not only are these guys tight in sound, well, their appearance on stage makes an impression as well.

Their bass player plays his electric bass like it were an upright, stands it upwards on a drum throne, and has a very characteristic moustache.

** http://www.theslackers.com/ 

Well all of them are characters with such charisma, harmony and well, what a show!

The entire evening made a lasting impression. (Part of the reason why it took so long for me to post this article…)

Thank you to:

Nanaimo Centre Stage (now Harbour City Theatre) https://www.facebook.com/NanaimoCentreStage  for holding The Body Politic’s Nanaimo Cd Release Show


Victoria Ska Society http://victoriaskafest.ca/

The Queens http://www.thequeens.ca/ for an amazing evening of Ska.


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