When You Lose the Christmas Spirit You Hear the Hooves of Krampus

Forget Scrooge and the Grinch. This holiday, a much darker presence visits those who lose their Christmas spirit. He comes not with toys of joy but with gifts that take and destroy. Oh …. and KILL

Santa Claus rewards good little boys and girls, not only for behaving all year long, but for believing in him and the Christmas spirit.

Krampus….  punishes those who don’t believe, who lose sight of what the Christmas season is suppose to be about.

Krampus has now made his presence in a feature film.  You may not be able to look at Gingerbread men in the same way again..

The film starts off with a typical mall rampage of fighting and stampeding which sets the mood. Our story is about a dysfunctional family, fighting to get along for the holidays. The main character, a young boy named Max confides in his Omi (German Grandmother) for advice and confidence about Santa Claus and his own Christmas beliefs.

His tormenting cousins find his letter to Santa, and Max ends up summoning our Christmas demon, which him and his family have to face.

Krampus, would not be complete without his helpers and “gifts” of terror. This film is vivid and realistic.  I would believe his gifts were coming after me. I could not take my eyes off the screen, my face contorting with disgust as I watched the family face their terror.

The viewer can easily place themselves inside the film, relating to the family dynamic, characters and the feelings of the season as the tension rises. The added dimension of a demon and his helpers make for a much more darker experience.

There is the right amount of suspense as to our demon’s appearance. But when he makes his presence known, it’s loud and clear. Krampus’ hooves clunk as he takes each step, dragging his chains along the rooftop. His helper Gingerbread men lure, bite, giggle and wreak havoc. His toys will have you avoiding anything resembling a jack in the box, in fear it may eat you alive…

His elves will wrap you in his chains and drag you away. And when you finally come face to face with the horned demon himself, may you be frozen in awe as he wears a demonic Santa-looking mask, his long snake-like tongue taunts near your face as his long finger nail wipes the tear running down your cheek.

As it is a horror film, there are some stereotypical jump scares, unnecessary, but, do not take away from the terror of the film. Krampus is not only  intended to scare the pants off you, but is a warning, a lesson about the meaning of Christmas (in its own cheesy ending way).

This is one worth seeing twice a year. Halloween and Christmas. I think Jack Skellington will still have a place in our hearts,  but Krampus will have his place in our subconscious.

Be careful what you wish for.


( photo source:www.themovienetwork.com)

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/thekrampusmovie

Twitter: @KrampusMovie

Krampus Legend: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/12/131217-krampus-christmas-santa-devil/

Feature image source: theodysseyonline.com 


3 thoughts on “When You Lose the Christmas Spirit You Hear the Hooves of Krampus

  1. I started writing my own review about this but you sure beat me to the punch! This movie had a few ‘meh’ moments but overall I thought it was a decent flick. The timing of its release feels spot on, doesn’t it?


  2. I hope this goes to the right place Kristy!
    Your write up on this was absolutely amazing. Even with never hearing of this movie before, the way you described your feelings and thoughts would make it impossible not to watch! You are a great writer my friend. Better than great. Keep up the good work girl! I want a signed book with your first publish!!! 🙂


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