What the Hell is Adulting? First Concert Experience Alone

Life lesson learned. Thought I had it all figured out, booked a place to stay months before the concert. Booked a private room since I was staying in a Hostel and I didn’t want to share a room with people I didn’t know. (Personal preference) I took the earlyish ferry so I could drop my stuff off, relax and get my barrings. But being an adult means always having a credit  card when staying in any sort of hotel, especially when booking a private room. Oops. They need

it as a type of damage deposit since there is a tv and mini fridge in the room. So I held my breath as I paid for a mixed dorm room(guys and girls..). I was basically trying hard not to cry as my anxiety kicked in.

Hallelujah for best friends. I told her my situation on the phone as I was calming down from crying and she asked whether the place I was staying would accept a photo of my credit card if she went to my house and took a picture of it for me. I didn’t think so, but don’t hurt to try.

Woohoo! They said that would be alright. So back on the phone to mummy to find my card in my room and have it downstairs for my friend to snap a photo.  What a relief and weight off my shoulders.

Now sitting in my private room unwinding and typing this before the show tonight, I can breathe a bit better.

Adult lesson learned. Not everyone is comfortable with being in a room full of strangers, even if it’s just for one night. I had specifically booked this place because of the location near the venue of the concert and I was willing to pay extra for my own space to relax and unwind after working ten days in a row.

Man this adulting thing is hard. I got how many more years…?

Stay tuned …

Oh and that was the short version… You’re welcome..


Photo credit:http://cdn1.theodysseyonline.com/files/2015/08/02/635740708698688545816564352_coffee.jpg

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