The Secret Life of Pets

As the average lover of animated films, I’m sure you’re thinking, “awe, what a cute and fuzzy movie.”

Oh how wrong you are…

But…… not completely.

Before our feature film begins, viewers are treated to a Minions animated short. In true Minion style, the short delivers cute, clueless laughter. The reason for showing it, is a small hidden gem within the feature viewers will have to keep their eyes peeled for.

The Secret Life of Pets tells the story of our beloved dog Max, played by comedian Louis C.K., how he came to be with his owner. Then of course we get to see what we’ve seen at least a million times in the trailers, insert cheeky eyeroll here, what the pets get up to when their owners leave.

Then Max gets a surprise…

One that gets him lost in the underground sewers of New York in which he has to fight to find his way home. When Gidget, played by Jenny Slate (known for other animated films such as Zootopia ), realizes that Max has gone missing, she rounds up the other neighbourhood pets to go and rescue him.

And….. cue Snowball, the devious, small, adorable bunny, with more than one screw loose, like the actor that plays him, comedian Kevin Hart, who delivers darkness and chaos to our world of cute and fuzzy.

Without giving away any of the good stuff, I have to say that this film has something for everyone. It’s for anyone of any age, especially if you are a lover of animals. Not to mention the writers got the personalities of the pets spot on in this viewer’s opinion!

Definitely a must see!








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