Perfect Cup of Coffee

Flavored Coffee: 

Do as instructed below but leave out the cinnamon and put the pinch of salt in after you put in and evenly distribute your coffee

For Non Flavoured Coffee:

Grab the mug you are going to use and fill with water, the amount of coffee you plan to drink (be sure to leave room for sugar/cream or whatever you may take in your coffee), then fill the coffee maker

Put in the filter, add a pinch of salt


Add your scoop of coffee


Push down so it’s evenly distributed in the filter. then add a pinch of cinnamon


It’s time to turn it on and start brewin’



Add the desired amount of sugar or sweetener to your mug, I use about a tablespoon and a bit of brown sugar


Now pour your fresh brewed coffee


Add your desired amount of cream, I use half and half


Stir well


Now this ladies and gents is a REAL “I need coffee stat” selfie!


I get the perfect cup every time. Well almost.. Some times there’s too much cinnamon but that’s okay, it doesn’t ruin the whole cup. My flavoured coffee of choice lately has been Van Houtte Irish Cream and my regular has been Nabob Organic Reserve.



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