All You Need is One Killer Track

The film: Baby Driver

Not your average heist film. In fact, it’s not even your average “young adult” film either.

Our main character of Baby, Ansel Elgort, who is the driver, hence the title Baby Driver, has a more complexity to his character then one would believe at first glance which we see progress through the film.

Music is another character, in my opinion. As Baby and the music he listens to go hand in hand with what is happening around him. The soundtrack to his life so to speak and of his choosing. The way the playlist is intertwined within the storyline is unspeakably done well. The rhythm and timing flow melodically with the story as if the story were written while the music was playing in the background. (I wouldn’t doubt it actually was.)

The crime boss, Doc, Kevin Spacey, is a neutral character. You don’t seem to hate him but you don’t particularly like him either. Especially after Baby ends up being coerced back into being the getaway driver for a doomed heist.

Debora, Lily James, the lovable waitress Baby falls head over heels for. It’s the headphones on her that first catch his eye, as he’s always plugged into his iPod with his earbuds. Her character doesn’t take away from the story, as many may find a “love interest” can get in the way of heist films or make it cheesy or tacky. She adds a dash of hope for Baby, his escape from the crime world.

Bats, Jamie Fox. All I can say (without giving it all away) is that he’s bat-shit crazy, and I don’t like him.

Our crime couple, Buddy, Jon Hamm, and Darling, Eiza Gonzalez, we don’t mind them, they seem to take a liking to Baby, but then shit hits the fan…

This film will have your heart on your sleeve, your butt on the edge of your seat and toe tapping to the beat. It’s got something for everyone. Action, love, music.

I think many will relate to Baby’s character, always being plugged in, music as a way of life to use as a coping mechanism and used well. I know I do. Can’t drive like him though.

I highly recommend this film and the soundtrack on Spotify: Baby Driver


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