Mindfully Anxious

To suppress is not the same as

acknowledging and putting aside for later

But sometimes the body gets

tricked into thinking it’s acknowledged

the bad feelings although really it’s actually

suppressed and

your mind and body become heavy and drained,

weak and sore

You breathe and try to smile, but

it hurts immensely

All you can do is try to breathe and

smile as each breath seems to push

the feelings further into the endless

black pit hidden within the body

You want to go back to bed and sleep it off —

but you have responsibilities —

like work…

Then you snap out of it

your co-worker comes over and

gives you a BIG HUG and tells you to

take care of yourself

You feel a little better knowing

you do have people who care and support you

even if it doesn’t always feel like it

You try not to cry,

as you REALLY needed that hug

A split second anti-depressant



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