Falling into Fall


A new day starts with a new morning,

crisp, clear, bright coloured sunrise

gold, orange and red blend to make romance


A cold breeze soars through the brush

to touch our goose-bumped bodies

No sign of rain in the forecast

a four-leaf clover drifts in the wind


Good luck comes to those

who bring it upon themselves

Mid-morning groans come from those stuck inside

sit at a desk, in a corner, with no windows


A smoke outside at lunchtime

a puff of grey toxic addiction

fades into the cool, calm day

the last drag and it’s back inside


Mid-afternoon phone calls, board meetings,

and the dreaded conversation with the boss

that promotion couldn’t have come at a better time


Young is the evening as work is done,

a smoke on the way home

cloud of addiction seeps

through the cracked open

car window


The sun sets as you stop to watch from your car

gold, orange and red blend to make romance

the stars come out to play as you wish


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