Splat: Adventures with Hair

So I bought this box of hair dye a bit ago. Can you tell what drew me to buy it? haha

I’ve been staring at it forever. I’d been waiting for my color to grow out a bit before deciding to dye it. I really wanted to have it look good for the Apocalyptica concert I was going to in September. But I decided I was going to salon dye it, until I looked at my bank account and had to cancel the appointment. I chickened out of using the box dye.

There’s been so much going on in my life that coloring my hair was just the confidence/happy boost I needed. I still hummed and hawed about whether or not I was going to use the bleach or just the color. I stared at it for days. Then something big happened the day I was finally going to do it, and I dealt with that instead.

Today was my work Friday, and I was off work at a decent time. Finally I was going to do it!! I got an idea. Instead of doing full bleach on my head (where my hair was looking pretty damaged already), I decided to do the bottom portion of my hair in bleach and then full head of color. I seem to look better with more tones.

My hair was already black and red, just growing out and fading. My roots were showing and my white hairs were coming back in. Eek.

My before photo:






Don’t forget to put the good old Vaseline around your face and back of the neck and ears so the dye doesn’t stain (as much).


Since I have my sides shaved, I thought maybe the pink color would stick to my fuzz.




I was wrong. 😦 But that’s okay. I loved how it turned out. I did two shampoos, two conditioners (color protection conditioner), and then a shampoo and conditioner. The water is supposed to run clear, but I ‘d be in there all night so I let it get basically clear. It supposedly looks healthier. 🙂



I would like to thank my courage, for finally kicking me in the butt to dye my hair, so I won’t have to keep staring at that box of dye every time I go to the bathroom. I’d also like to thank Splat hair color for making me look great.




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