Wiccan Wednesday: Tarot Reading

I’ve been feeling really “witchy” lately. I decided to grab my wiccan trunk from the top shelf of my closet and dig out my tarot cards and incense. The incense and candle burning helps calm and I think also helps with meditation and being mindful. Tonight’s incense choice, is orange, using my Grateful Dead incense holder.




I have three tarot decks. Each given to me as a gift. This is a basic reading, one card representing past, one present and one future. Today’s reading is just a basic life reflection, no question asked. Since I own three decks, I decided to draw past from the first deck I was given, present from the second and future from the third. Each deck was given to me by someone different.

The first, from an old friend, who got me intrigued in the world of wicca and help me to realize that it was right for me.  She had gotten a new deck given to her so she gave me her old one.


Past: Death Reversed

Stagnancy, immobility, slow changes, partial change, avoidance of serious accident, inertia


The second, was given to me by an old supervisor at work. I can’t remember the full story, but I know the deck is from the ’70s and survived a flood.


Present: King of Swords

An authority whether in the field of medicine, law or government; brilliant and wise 


The third deck was given to me by an old classmate and writing colleague. She was downsizing her things and this was something I asked to have, and instead of selling it to me, she gave it instead.


Future: King of Pentacles

The figure calls for no special description; the face is rather dark, suggesting also courage, but somewhat lethargic in tendency. The bull’s head should be noted as a recurrent symbol on his throne. The sign of this suit is represented with the pentagram, typifying the correspondence of the four elements in human nature and that by which they may be governed.

Divinatory meanings: Valor, realizing intelligence, business and normal intellectual aptitude, sometimes mathematical gifts and attainments of this kind; success in these paths.


The way I do readings are simple, the rule of three, past, present and future. I read what the description of the card is on the instructions and let the person (or myself) translate it how we wish.

For example, for this reading:

Past: I have gone through lots of changes and slow changes, having gone through weight loss surgery, dealing with depression and anxiety (stagnancy), food addict, a family member moving to a foreign country. Immobility, I was off work for 5 months with a broken ankle, severe broken ankle, 6 different places, had to have surgery where they put in a plate and screws.

Present: Well I wouldn’t say authority for me in the sense the card says but when I say do a supervisor’s break at work. The brilliant and wise, I help others, whether it be with starting up their own blog for their small business, write my own blog posts sharing my dark experiences with others, help colleagues at work with certain tasks and so on.

Future: Valor, meaning courage. Realizing intelligence, and business and normal aptitude perhaps more work to come my way in terms of my writing…

The reading is what you make of it. Mine seems to be pretty good and pretty accurate. I may start reading my Wiccapedia for some more ideas.


What looks good to start with?



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