Swallowed in the Moment

Meeting a buddy for coffee?


Take note of the sensations you feel. Is it cold? Today was windy, cold and overcast while walking there, sunny and warmer while sitting inside for coffee, and windy, cold and overcast while walking home. Take a look at your surroundings as you walk, be present in the moment. Something new growing along the familiar path you take?


Does the sky look particularly interesting today? Perhaps the shape of a cloud as it hovers over the trees and rooftops like a dome.


How does your body feel as you’re walking? Any aches in your legs? Bladder full? Coffee is a diuretic after all, especially after drinking 2 medium double-doubles.


How’s your breath? Steady as she goes, be wary not to get winded, while walking in the wind. Holding the coffee cup with your teeth, as you dig out your key, turn off the music from your headphones, and unlock the front door. Up to your room to create, fresh full of inspiration. Mini strawberry cheese Danish bites saved for desert, as leftovers are heated up for lunch, butter chicken stir fry, with mozza on a bun.

Stare at blank paper while candle burns. Music from your headphones tunnel through your ears and fade in the back of your mind transforming into background noise, unaware of what tune is playing, as you try to concentrate.


A sip of cold coffee,  a glance at the candle, the inspiration melts like candle wax, and manifests into shadow play with candle light.


Meditation and mindfulness can be just taking the time to notice surroundings, your senses heightened, and let them swallow you in their presence, capturing the moment as you experience it.



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