Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number!


People age. That means at some point we all become seniors. But what about the seniors we’re surrounded by now? In my personal opinion, and experience, I believe that people should have friends in all age categories, including seniors. Why? Because not only do they have wisdom, and stories of the “olden days,” but they make good company.

It gets you both out of the house, good conversation, builds character, and you can laugh and joke with the best of them. Seniors have some of the dirtiest minds out there, because they’ve been around and have some experiences.


I enjoy having coffee with the girls, and getting hugs, sharing stories, laughing at “senior moments,” talking technology, and seeing some of them “flirt.” Chatting about world news, not owning the winning lottery ticket, hoping the weather gets nicer, and anything that comes up.


Life can put you in a rut. When people my age are busy having families, and such, it’s hard to get out of the house and do things. When seniors are retired and don’t have anything to keep them occupied, they stay inside too. Can’t think of a better way to get out of the rut then get you both out and enjoy each other’s company.


I’ve met a few seniors, between 50s and late 80s that are still so full of life! I even work with a few, and they are a big part of my chosen family. I don’t really have a blood family close so I cherish these people I let into my life.

Be bold, introduce yourself to a group of seniors at your local senior hangout (here it’s McDonald’s or Tim Hortons). Ask your parents to meet their friends or even start visiting a seniors home, there are some that don’t have families that visit and would love your company.

Not every senior is a grumpy old git like you see portrayed on screen, but they are like the ones portrayed as funny, dirty, ditsy, wise, loving as they really are. (Thank you Mrs. Brown!)


You’d be surprised to know how many actually are very knowledgeable on technology and the like. Some choose to keep up with the trends because it’s what helps keep their minds fresh. Dementia and alzheimers are not pleasant, and by making more connections and keeping the mind active, helps in preventing these heartbreaking diseases.


As the years go on, the new “old” gets younger and younger. When you turn 30, it’s “I’m Old.” But with the way the world is changing, women having children in their 40s and some in their 50s even, it’s time to change the attitude.


There are many young people who don’t appreciate some of the things they have today. They take things for granted. Being in the middle of the technological up-rise, I have grown to appreciate what technology has become. No kid today has to worry about dial-up internet. Lucky bastards! Hem.. What I’m saying is, is that young people should have to spend time with seniors during their school years. They should want to, to learn, to laugh, to grow. I know I have, and I’m very lucky.




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