Got the Burnt Out Blues? Take A Break!

It’s that time of year where people tend to overdo everything! The holiday season keeps getting busier, and crazier. That means more people are wearing themselves out, becoming irritable, tired, unbalanced. But if you remember to take a break, you can come back, refocus and be a better you.


It’s go go go, rush rush rush, and most of the time you don’t even know where you’re going or what you’re doing. Take the time, breathe. It will all work itself out. Even just a couple of minutes a day can help keep you balanced. Taking that time to enjoy your morning coffee, or perhaps take a small walk, turn off all devices and meditate, watch a movie and eat junk food, color a page in an adult coloring book, just to name a few. For your sanity and everyone else’s.


When you take the time to stop and take a breath, you tend to notice a lot more. How pretty the sky can be when the sun is setting, how over-tired and burnt out you’re becoming, and how you can shift your focus to regain some of your strength back.


I can still see big dips under my eyes and I know it’s that time of year. The anxiety starts to climb higher and higher, and pretty soon that winter cold decides to creep up on you. Self-care is one of the most important things if not THE most important in our lives.



By running yourself ragged, you risk your physical health as well as your mental. By taking the time to just shut down and reboot, you’re one step closer to having a nice relaxing holiday, rather than being worn out and potentially sick.


This time of year, people spend so much time running around and spending money. If you really take the time, perhaps some of the people on your list may like something that is homemade or something more simple. Taking the time to make a gift, is not only relaxing but you know it’s going to be given to someone special and made with love.


This isn’t just for the holiday season, it’s for all year round. When you feel you’re getting burnt out, remember to take a break. It’s just this time of year seems to be the MOST crazy for a lot of people and the spirit of the holidays gets lost among the frustration and chaos of it all. Others can’t enjoy your company if you can’t even enjoy your own.


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