Ode to the Cookie

Oh Cookie my dearest cookie, how soft and sweet

kept contained by my side why must you call to me?

My hunger for you causes me to cheat

on my poor stomach who aches to be free.

You’re a habit I just can’t quit.

Every time I bring you to my lips

and bite into your soft exterior

the taste of you makes me quiver, I must admit.

It’s sad to know you’re going straight to my hips,

so, I keep my distance away from my mirror.


You come in many disguises

from chocolate chip to shortbread with cherries,

and you have many shapes and sizes.

I should make the better choice of berries,

or perhaps a crisp, juicy-sweet apple.

But your hold on me won’t let go,

I can’t shake this addiction of you.

Even when you’re hidden away,

you’d still somehow know

that my tongue and body call to pursue.

But I must not give in to you, I must not obey.


I must try to break this hold

you have on me, I must be bold.

Try new things and not be sold

every time I see you again;

I cannot run and hide.

I must stand tall and hold my pride,

do my best and try not to slide

back into the grips of your seduction

almost as if it were an abduction

and you were really the one who took a bite of me, amen.


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