Sense and Savor

bright sun ball blinds

clouds fluff

wind chill


cut grass

wet mucky clumps

of dark brown and

dark green

ruin fresh light

green radiant

lush lawn


birds call to one

another “dinner time”

litter on the lawn sad


trees medium size

yet strong and full

of life


leg pain dissipates

but still ebbs


telephone pole boredom

name with white-out

neatly around the numbers


leaves brown and red

crisp and soft


they crawl away from

the trees knowing it’s

time for them to die


shrubs perky and pointy

dark yet vibrant

sit still through the

gentle breeze


mountains in the distance

peek through the smoky clouds


parked cars lined in a row

as if waiting for something


laughter in the distance

maintenance workers cutting shrubs


the clouds covered sun darkens

and brings colder breeze


you can tell by the engine

noise as a car drives by how

old it is


cigarette butts line the bottom

of the sidewalk next to

the parked cars


What story do they tell?


a lost winter glove

I’m sure isn’t missed

it’s trying to warm up

and become spring


soft leaves and buds

await their bloom


Today I took part in a Mindful Silent Retreat. A wrap-up after my Mindful Self Compassion Mental Health group. An exercise we did was called a sense and savor walk. Since I’m a writer and an artist, I use my words and images to express my senses. Hence the poem and the photos. We did walks, guided meditations, a lunch meditation, a reflection and debriefing. For my first silent retreat it was quite an experience. A way to cleanse the body and soul, to draw energy from the earth, focus on only yourself and what you are experiencing in the moment, and awaken, whether that be literal and/or feelings deep inside you.

I highly recommend trying a silent retreat if you are open to new experiences and would like to open your mindfulness tool box and set a place for silence. There are many types of retreats and they can vary in length. Be sure to do your research carefully as some are more strict in terms of movement, especially if you are one who needs to move to care for your body.

Self care is not selfish. Sharing your experiences with self care can help others learn to care for themselves more deeply. You deserve to receive self compassion.

As is,

I’m here.



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