Take A Moment

When was the last time you stopped and took a moment to really take in the beauty of nature? Your innermost self escapes your body and hovers close by while you become one with your surroundings. When you really focus on the outside, everything inside fades and you can catch a magical moment. 

Whether it be a small creature you avoided stepping on

20180610_081259 nature

or whose habitat we keep imposing on

20180610_081635 nature20180516_070030 nature20180516_070035 nature20180516_070043 nature20180526_070648 nature

or the way the sun peeks through the clouds in the distance

20180609_194143 nature

or the bright ball of beaming sunlight asking you to move beyond the tree to sneak into your heart

20180531_070253 nature20180531_070321 nature20180531_070311 nature

or the flowers fighting to stay alive through the shrubs on the side of the road

20180520_084659 nature

or the blooming flowers from the thorn bush reminding you that there is beauty even through pain

20180610_081855 nature

or a furry little sneak who climbs up the garden trellis, has a look around then moves onto the next yard

20180705_112907 sneeky friend20180705_112914 sneeky friend20180705_112930 Sneeky friend

or the sunset over the water on a clear evening

20180506_202400 nature20180506_202412 nature

Every small moment you take not only enriches your life with calm, but helps us all see beauty in each small thing, even in ourselves. In our busy lives we are always in a rush to go nowhere, always anxious, always depressed, always mad, sad, scared, late… 

All it takes is a moment. You take this moment for your body, your mind, your soul and spirit. Enjoy life when and while you can, while you are living it. These moments are breaths. Remember to stop and take a long deep one every once in a while. Making sure you are still breathing that your heart still beating, and that you are caring for yourself. 

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