♪♪You Are So Beautiful♪♪: Father’s Message to His Daughter

♪You Are So Beautiful♪- Emigrate

You are so beautiful,” the latest single from Emigrate’s new album, A Million Degrees, released its music video today (same day as the album release) which has been creating quite a stir. 

For those who don’t know Emigrate, it is a side project of lead guitarist Richard Z Kruspe of the German band Rammstein.

He has stated in his interviews promoting Emigrate’s new album, that the song was for his 7 year old daughter, and that she would be in the music video. 

The song itself has so much passion. You can hear in his voice how much he cares for his daughter, how much he loves her and how he would do anything for her. 

We disintegrate in love♪  Love can weaken or break apart, especially in families. That is the basis for the video.

As much as I will admit I was in an uproar over it when I first seen it. It is set sometime in the past, due to the wardrobe choices and I have to say, poor choice in wig for our main man. Yikes. 

My first thought, and I’m sure many others will agree, is that they could have done a more tasteful concept for this video.

In a recent interview by Blabbermouth.net, Richard states, “It was actually for my daughter. So in the video, which is kind of like a movie, set in the ’70s, in the canyons of L.A., I take the role of the father, and you see how relationships can go wrong and how chances to make things better, even for a second time, can be lost.”

So with my nature for analyzing things, this video makes sense, like it or not. Although I will say it still could have been done differently but using the same concept.

We first see our loving father on a road trip all happy with his 7 year old daughter. Then upon stopping at a motel our father sees “an attractive woman” who catches his attention. Now we can guess where this is going. Basically, the child gets left behind for the woman, whom he, well for lack of a better term, has sex with (which is not a scene that should have been used, even if it was edited). 

The girl runs down the road, past a creepy clown, whom is the drummer, then into the arms of her mother. Now to an average person this may not make sense.

Upon doing some research, clowns can indicate that you are thoughtless in many of the things you do. In this case, choosing the woman over the daughter. 

We see him finally go to find the daughter, and ditch the woman. He drives by the house seeing the daughter in the window, with a gut-wrenching look and drives off. 

I believe his message to his daughter is this: I will never leave you. You are safe with me. No matter how hard things get I will never let you down. 

It is a “read-between-the-lines” type of song/video. The video is definitely meant to provoke, because it sure as hell provoked me. But rather going for  heartwarming emotion, they took the opposite approach. 

The promo for the video is “The Good,” “The Bad,” and “The Beautiful.” The focus is the daughter as she is “The Beautiful.” The father, rather than being the good, plays “The Bad,” showing heartbreaking sorrow (if you ignore the sex part of it). 

You can decide for yourself what you make of the video. I’d like to know other thoughts, if anyone agrees with my analysis. I’d at least hope you’d agree that the song is indeed beautiful, just like his daughter. 

                                    ….Stay tuned for the album review of A Million Degrees…


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