My Grief of Your Passing

It can be sad
or peaceful,
or haunting,
or angry

or many emotions
no one could possibly describe.

Grief can last a few moments,
a day or so, a decade
or a lifetime.

Each of us grieves
in a different way,
the one who passed
affecting each of us
differently on how we
knew or were related to them.

Some have many
good memories,
some wish they had more.

Saying goodbye isn’t easy,
but life isn’t easy either.

You trust your body, mind,
spirit/faith to have your best
interest at heart.

You are in your Heaven,
I’ll wait for Valhalla.

You are part of my Angel arsenal
in the Christian world,
alongside my Gods and Goddesses,
my Angels, my Demons,
my Papas and Mamas of my
Wiccan world.

I send you blessings,
and I pray for you,
In my way, the way
I know how.

I miss you and wish
I could have said goodbye.

But I know you’re with me,
urging me to never give up
my fight, never stop loving,
never stop giving.

with Grace,
your name forever
pierced in my heart.

You are where you are
meant to be right now.
Goodbye Nanny Brown.

You meant the world to
so many people, touched
so many lives.

I am proud to be your
Please grant me the strength
to fight through my demons
and live for today.

Sigil to bring aid in times of crisis, and grief

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