“This Could Be It”: Red Green Possum Lodge Meeting in Nanaimo

Waiting for the Meeting to Start

Steve Smith, AKA Red Green, has taken his one man show on the road, for possibly the last time. Hence the name of the tour, “This Could Be It.”

When I found out he was going to be coming to my small town of Nanaimo, I had to make sure I was there! I missed him last time he came to town, and if this was it, I wasn’t going to miss him this time.

I grew up watching this man tell his stories of life, sharing his wisdom of marriage, watching his interesting inventions on handyman corner. He was definitely an idol I considered a strange, but wise man, in his own way, oddly.

Using duct tape in many forms, visiting poor Ranger Gord in his watchtower, listening to one of Hap Shaughnessy’s tall tales, or making fun of his geeky nephew Harold, The Red Green Show was and still is a great way to laugh, learn what NOT to do in life and not to take everything so seriously.

The show, or rather, Possum Lodge Meeting, started with Red asking the audience to stand and cross arms like claws while repeating the Lodge’s Motto: “Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati,” meaning “when all else fails, play dead.” Need I say more on that one?

Red then went on with the lodge meeting, telling us the latest news of the happenings of Possum Lodge. Having a few interruptions… from some of the other lodge members.

This one man show isn’t just a man on a stage talking, this is a man on a stage talking directly to you, using visual aids on the screen, and giving us his wisdom on certain subjects while at the same time making us laugh. Either because it’s ridiculous or ridiculously true.

Red took the time to give some of the young teenage boys some dating advice. Although I’d say it can be applied to girls too, in my opinion.

If you know Red Green, you know his passion for projects! All including duct tape! He showed us a few from over the years, and a brand new one just for the tour. He also gave some of his best handyman tips, had them written on index cards in his pocket. I guess so he wouldn’t forget? The best ones are always written down.

I not only enjoyed this show, but it took me away from reality, just for a moment. With reality humour, go figure. Laughter is one of the best ways to breathe, to get away from life’s issues, the daily grind. Red Green makes you laugh, and without swearing I have to say! Don’t find that too much nowadays. But then again, not everyone is this Canadian Icon.

Want to learn more about the man, the myth, the legend? Check out my piece on The Port and Barrel, which includes tidbits from my interview with him.
canadian icon red green: End of the Duck Tape Roll

What show isn’t complete unless you acquire some good old fashion merchandise, which he shamelessly plugs via short video at the beginning of the show. Everything from DVDS, Possum Lodge vest, socks, suspenders, a sign (so you too can hold a Possum Lodge meeting anywhere you’d like), and of course t-shirt with the infamous man’s prayer, plus his latest book which he mentions in the show. Not only does he write about Canadian Inventions, but he has his commentary on how to make them better, hence the title of the book, “The Woulda Coulda Shoulda Guide to Canadian Inventions (includes his hand drawn pictures).”

Sealed with Duct Tape

I didn’t notice until I got home, but very clever sealing the shirts with duct tape. I thought that was brilliant, considering.

I waited in line after the show, with everyone else who wished, to meet the man, the myth, the legend, my childhood idol. Autographs and a photo to end the night on a high note. Just what I needed.

I noticed the audience was made up of young and old (or more wise perhaps Red would say?). It was inclusive all around, and really is a great thing when you can see people older than yourself and younger than yourself enjoying a show like this. Those generations who didn’t grow up watching the show when it originally aired, being shown it and actually taking a liking to it, melts my heart (cliche I know). Considering what passes for entertainment these days, it is really a great thing when someone like Red Green can pierce through the technology and reach a younger audience. I noticed a few younger than I, who waited in line for an autograph and a photo, wearing a Possum Lodge vest, and got him to sign duct tape of all things.

I will also say this, I was a good girl and kept my phone in my pocket during the show. I was there for the Lodge meeting, not to snap photos every 2 minutes or be on my social media. I did notice a few flashing camera shots here and there, but for the most part of the show, everyone was just enjoying it. Not only is it out of respect for the artist on stage, but for those around you. You are there to enjoy entertainment, not aim for the most Instagram followers (that’s for after the show).

As Red would say, “On behalf of myself and Harold and the whole gang up here at Possum Lodge…keep your stick on the ice.”

Red Green is just kicking off his Canadian leg of the tour, so if he’s not sold out in your city yet, get your tickets soon! It’s a show you don’t want to miss, just in case, you know, it happens to be the last one.

Visit: http://www.redgreen.com/ for a list of all his tour dates, antidotes, shop and more

Facebook: Red Green

Twitter: Red Green

Watch Full Episodes of The Red Green Show on the Official Red Green Channel on YouTube!

Kristy O’Regan /smltwnwriter@feedthefae.com


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