Bloggers Unite: GISHBOND Challenge GISH 2020

Item #146 on this year’s GISH list was to form a GISHBOND with someone from the GISH community. Three of us bloggers have found each other! We each have a unique style of writing. We are going to follow each other’s blogs, help each other out by sharing posts and perhaps inspiring each other in our writing.

Meet Holly: She writes a travel blog, which during COVID puts a damper on things. Check her out here:

Meet Emily: She writes what inspires her, from parenting tips to spiritual reflections on life. Check her out here:

Hi! Kristy here, I write about mental health, arts (music, film, television), poetry, local events, whatever may come to mind.

On my end here, I’m going to do a GISHBOND Mental Health check-in every so often!

Soundoff ladies! Where are my fellow Blogging GISHGIRLS at?


2 thoughts on “Bloggers Unite: GISHBOND Challenge GISH 2020

  1. 🙋‍♀️ haha blogging gishgirls, love it! Thanks for the shoutout lady! Lookibg forward to staying in touch and supporting our lil community!


  2. Blogging GISHGIRLS…I feel like we are out to change the world, and maybe we are! Different voices from different places sharing what we write about, how we see life and what we are passionate about. United by words and this crazy, fun, compassionate GISH community. I’m looking forward the the mental health checkins with you ladies…being a writer is hard!


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