Tag: art

Nanaimo Moon

light through darkness and thick smokey fog, like an eye that watches over the Harbour City.   its beauty entrances those it catches with eyes peered upward towards the glow in the sky.   it’s our moon, its chest out through the fog and cloud, brightly loud with pride, just like us.   a game of peek-a-boo

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Ripped Through to the Soul

Shadows cast through the eyes  as pain pierces the heart a fresh wound as knife slices  through skin draws blood hand reaches in to pull  rips out part of soul inner demons fight to keep the rest in it belongs to them numbness draws a smile upon the face to fake the battle has not

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Falling into Fall

A new day starts with a new morning, crisp, clear, bright coloured sunrise gold, orange and red blend to make romance   A cold breeze soars through the brush to touch our goose-bumped bodies No sign of rain in the forecast a four-leaf clover drifts in the wind   Good luck comes to those who

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