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When people think of home, they think in terms of the physical house that they live in. But home isn’t just the physical environment, it’s the emotional, spiritual and mental environment too. Home can be a state of mind. Where are you at in your life? Do you feel like you are home? I recently

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New Year Resolution? NO! New Year Bucket List!!!

It’s a brand new year and, of course with that usually comes these unattainable, pointless “resolutions” people decide to set.  This is what it has become as the years go by. Once upon a time, people did actually attain these goals. This actually dates back to the Babylonians, who, at the start of each year

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Knight of Wands

Today’s Card: Knight of Wands “On the positive side, the Knight of Wands is full of energy and life. He’s never afraid to try something new and will reach for all the gusto he can. Others may shake their heads at his crazy stunts, but they still admire his courage and passion. He’s sexy and irresistible…always

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Mindful Monday: Canadian Thanksgiving

All it takes is something as small as wishing someone a “Happy Birthday,” to make a moment of their day better. No, it doesn’t always help, and sometimes they feel worse at that particular moment. But if they come back to it, it may just make a small smile on their face. 

Singles Awareness Day

Single this February 14th? NO BIG DEAL. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start living it up. A few years ago, on Valentine’s Day, a couple of single friends and I decided that we were going to have an anti-Valentine’s Day and picked the most ridiculous comedy at the theatre and made a night of

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What the Hell is Adulting? First Concert Experience Alone

Life lesson learned. Thought I had it all figured out, booked a place to stay months before the concert. Booked a private room since I was staying in a Hostel and I didn’t want to share a room with people I didn’t know. (Personal preference) I took the earlyish ferry so I could drop my

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