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Take A Moment

When was the last time you stopped and took a moment to really take in the beauty of nature? Your innermost self escapes your body and hovers close by while you become one with your surroundings. When you really focus on the outside, everything inside fades and you can catch a magical moment.  Whether it

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Sense and Savor

bright sun ball blinds clouds fluff wind chill   cut grass wet mucky clumps of dark brown and dark green ruin fresh light green radiant lush lawn   birds call to one another “dinner time” litter on the lawn sad   trees medium size yet strong and full of life   leg pain dissipates but

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Falling into Fall

A new day starts with a new morning, crisp, clear, bright coloured sunrise gold, orange and red blend to make romance   A cold breeze soars through the brush to touch our goose-bumped bodies No sign of rain in the forecast a four-leaf clover drifts in the wind   Good luck comes to those who

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